Who are we?

We are the oldest PDR Shop in the USA

PDR is Paintless Dent Repair

Our history is deep and rich, something that makes us very proud. The Paintless Dent Removal industry has come so far in the past 30 years. Comparing yesterday to today is like comparing the Flintstones vehicle to a spaceship. Today's vehicles are computers. Nothing in or on a vehicle today can operate without the advice from the computer.

Sensors began with the automatic seatbelts in the early 80's to today with sensors throughout bumpers, mirrors, airbags, seatbelts, headlamps, taillights, tire pressure and now even autonomous driving sensors and cameras! We've grown with the industry as these changes and technology have evolved.

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Motorcycle Dents
  • Gas Tanks
  • Fenders
Hail Repair
  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles
Bumper Repair
  • No Toxic Chemicals
  • Same Day Service
  • Remove Cosmetic Damage
Minor to Large Dents
  • Creases
  • Small Dents
  • Large Dents


We love fixing things

Nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing your vehicle restored to factory new condition. We pride ourselves on consistent 5-star reviews.


Over 30 years in the biz

We were around at the birth of this field. Back in the day we even had to invent our own tools. Oh how far the technology has come!


ARC Master Certified

Maintaining the highest level of quality work can only be achieved through dedication, persistence and attention to detail.

Dent Squad

Innovation meets Perfection

And we have fun doing it!

Robert “Ferd” Frank was more innovative than any other individual in the Paintless Dent Repair industry in the late 80’s and all through the turn of the century. His vision and marketing genius were years ahead of where this industry was during that time.

Many companies strive to find a proper balance to keep them heading in a straight path. Unfortunately that’s very hard to do if you're not an innovative perfectionist; always ahead of your competition and the industry.

Our current Dent Squad owner, Randy Hobson brings just that. His industry knowledge and his passion of being the best that St. Louis has to offer is much more than a job for him. Much like Ferd, it’s Randy’s life. Randy is an ARC Master Certified PDR Technician. He has been awarded industry accomplishments such as “Mentor of the Year” in 2017 and “Person of the Year” in 2020. He takes great pride in his industry and is very well known as the founder/host of PDR Interviews a weekly show that helps the industry grow in knowledge of PDR in today’s market.

Saying "innovation meets perfection" is much like having Ferd and Randy sitting in a room together, and often they still do exactly that to help understand our past and recognize the future we are moving toward.

We're Masters at

Restoring Your Vehicle

We are ARC Master Certified and some of the most sought after technicians in the country for advice on repairs, systems and processes that are changing daily in the Paintless Dent Removal Industry.

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Dent Squad: to protect and preserve your factory finish.

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