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Minor to Large Dents

Dent Squad masters minor to large dents, including creases, the same manner we handle smaller dents and hail damage. If you have had a minor accident, or your car has recieved the brunt of a runaway shopping cart or other mishap, don't worry. Let Dent Squad take the DENT out of acciDENT by using our methods of Paintless Dent Repair techniques: Let us resculpture those dings and dents back into its original shape. Let our 30 plus years work for you. Join thousands of satisfied customers by trusting Dent Squad to get you back on the road again looking good as new.

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  • small dents
  • creases

Motorcycle Dents

Motorcycle gas tank and fender repairs using Dent Squad's motorcycle paintless dent repair (MPDR) method is the most preferred and cost effective way to preserve your factory or custom finish. We understand motorcycle owners are passionate about their bikes, and so is Dent Squad when it comes to dent removal on motorcycle tanks and fenders. Let our decades of experience bring back your tank or fender to its original pre-accident condition.

Removing dents from motorcycle gas tanks can be very tricky. Often access can be an issue along with the heavy gauge of the metal. At Dent Squad we offer years of experience when it comes to motorcycle gas tanks and fenders.

How do we repair tanks? We mount tanks to a special vice that holds the tank firmly in place. It allows us to position in unique angles so we can use the perfect tool for leverage. The dent in your gas tank is carefully removed with custom designed steel rods that gain access behind the dent. We gently apply pressure against the damaged area. Slowly your dent is removed without harming your factory or gorgeous custom finish. Fenders on the other hand can be repaired while still mounted to the bike depending on location of damage.

  • fenders
  • gas tanks

Hail Damage Repair

Let Dent Squad Help You Navigate Your Hail Damage Insurance Claim

Dent Squad promises to help take the hassle out of your claim. Let us do the dirty work. We aren't only known as trained experts in proper repair processes for your damaged vehicle. We're just as well known for our knowledge of handling insurance claims. We've represented 1000's of hail damaged vehicle claims over the years. Our Paintless Dent Repair methods are all insurance approved and recomended. And it's the law that no insurance company can tell you where you must take your car. So bring it here!

Dent Squad technicians are experts in providing automotive hail damage assessment services and hail damage repair techniques. The Dent Squad team members are leaders in the field. They provide expert repair services not just in the Midwest but all across the country's Hail Belt and other regions that are uncommonly hit with hail storms. When storms hit, we often head to the rescue.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is the most sought after process for auto hail damage from insurance companies, body shops, dealerships and fleet services all across the world. It's faster, more cost-effective, minimally invasive, requires less labor, protects the factory finish, and most importantly, maintains the vehicle value.

So, if a hailstorm has damaged your vehicle and you see visible damage to your hood, roof, trunk of your car, let Dent Squad help "Protect and Preserve Your Factory Finish". Dent Squad will give you a free evaluation that will help determine the most suitable choice of repair.

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Bumper Repair

As unsightly as indentations on your plastic bumper can be, they also may be removed without using toxic chemicals and without days of having your vehicle unavailable. Dent Squad's Bumper Repair process is the same as the Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) process and can be repaired with same day service. Our plastic bumper repair process begins by manipulating the plastic bumper back into place by accessing and massaging the inner bumper into place.

We understand how discouraging it is to have dents and marks on the bumper of your car, especially if it’s a late model car. Let us restore your it to its former glory. Whatever the damage, we can repair it and match your car’s paint chips and scratches as good as anyone else. We are happy to remove any cosmetic damage caused by impacts, scuffs, scratches and rock chips. Most importantly, if we can't fix it we will refer you to someone local who can.

  • no toxic chemicals
  • same day service
  • remove cosmetic damage
whatever caused the dent

We Know How To Fix it

It all starts with a vehicle assessment

Bring your vehicle by or text us photos of the damage. We promise to inspect the affected area carefully and give you an honest assesment of the probable outcome depending on the size and nature of the dent and the condition of the factory finish where the damage has occured. In most cases, the repair will be undetectable. If perfection isn't possible, we will advise you what to expect or what your next step should be.

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  • Deductible assistance available
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We will deal with your insurance company for you

Even the insurance industry prefers our services


We're pros at claims

We're just as well known for our knowledge of handling insurance claims representing 1000's of hail damaged vehicle claims over the years.


Over 30 years in the biz

We were around at the birth of this field. Back in the day we even had to invent our own tools. Oh how far the technology has come!


ARC Master Certified

Maintaining the highest level of quality work can only be achieved through dedication, persistence and attention to detail

Dent Squad: to protect and preserve your factory finish.

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